Installing the COD - Tutorial

The Crystallography Open Database is based on the Apache/MySQL/PHP combination provided by the EasyPHP distribution. This can perform either in standalone mode or as a internet or intranet server (the tutorial is for a PC running under Windows XP).

1 - Download EasyPHP at:
Install it preferably at C:\EasyPHP

2 - Download the COD distribution at :

Create a subdirectory C:\EasyPHP\www\cod\ and unzip the file into it.
You will obtain several other zipped files, dispatch them according to the following :
- contains le CIF files to be unzipped into C:\EasyPHP\www\cod\cif\ (to be created)
- contains the database files, to be unzipped into C:\EasyPHP\mysql\data\cod\ (to be created)

3 - Start EasyPHP by a double click on C:\EasyPHP\easyphp.exe :

The EasyPHP icone appears at the bottom right of your screen. Clicking on it with the mouse right button offers a list of possibilities
(help, configuration, administration, stop/start, quit).

Now have a look at the COD database, click on "administration", this should open your default browser locally at  :

In case of problem, change by http://localhost/home/ or configure correctly the Apache server through EasyPHP.

Then click on the PhpMyAdmin button :

Then click on "Home" and select the "cod" database :

The cod database is running, visit the page, but be carefull, you can destroy it...

Click on "data" for more :

From the above page, showing the intimate structure of that simple database, you may insert new data in the "data" table from a textfile (and more...) :

Click on "insert data from a textfile into table" :

See a short introduction about how new entries are added into the COD at

The text file is prepared either from CIF or REF files by using the CIF2COD and REF2COD software.

4 - Download PhpEditor at :

Unfortunately, this is a software in french...

- Install PhpEditor, for instance at C:\EasyPHP\PhpEditor\ (to be created).

Run PhpEditor, opening C:\easyphp\www\cod\index.html 

You may have to configure some parts :
Fichier : C:\EasyPHP\www\cod\index.html
URL : localhost/cod/index.html
Site : localhost/cod/

Click on "Visualisation" - then just like if you had the Internet connection you obtain the COD entry page :

Click on "Search the database" :

Now you can combine any possibilities in the search and obtain the result. See hints and tips at

Nevertheless, if the hyperlink to a CIF points to the Internet (at IUCr journals for instance), you will not obtain that CIF, unless your PC is connected to the Internet, of course.

Best wishes !

Updated July 2003