Crystallography Open Database

Open-access collection of crystal structures of organic, inorganic, metal-organic compounds and minerals, excluding biopolymers.

Including data and software from CrystalEye, developed by Nick Day at the department of Chemistry, the University of Cambridge under supervision of Peter Murray-Rust.

All data on this site have been placed in the public domain by the contributors.

Currently there are 515743 entries in the COD.
Latest deposited structure: 3000399 on 2024-07-11 at 06:58:14 UTC

Crystallography Open Database

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Advisory Board

  • Daniel Chateigner,
  • Xiaolong Chen,
  • Marco Ciriotti,
  • Robert T. Downs,
  • Saulius Gra┼żulis,
  • Werner Kaminsky,
  • Armel Le Bail,
  • Luca Lutterotti,
  • Yoshitaka Matsushita,
  • Andrius Merkys,
  • Peter Moeck,
  • Peter Murray-Rust,
  • Miguel Quirós Olozábal,
  • Hareesh Rajan,
  • Antanas Vaitkus,
  • Alexandre F.T. Yokochi

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